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Update Academic theme to (renamed) Wowchemy

Updating Hugo themes is probably easy for most people, but I’ve managed to mess it up more than I’d like to admit. Here are the notes I took for this last update.

Adding a useful Table of Contents to Hugo sites

It’s probably apparent by now, but I’m pretty particular so using the simple Table of Contents that is already part of Hugo felt too easy. I am special and so my Table of Contents will be too.

Using images from Google Photos

I’ve been working to clean up some of the photos used in the blog I wrote while in Antarctica. I had to re-figure out how to utilize inline photos, so here are my notes.

Update colors in Academic Hugo theme

Here I go again with this blogging thing…but I noticed the Hugo theme I was using previously has not been updated in some time (…much like my blog…don’t judge). I will switch to the Academic theme but I prefer different colors, so I’ll change them.


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